Android Text Encryption Using Various Algorithms

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Users communicate over all social media, but messages are not secured when it passes through network. Intruder can access user’s message easily. We want to secure users communication over all social media. So here we proposed a system where user will enter the plain text and select the algorithm type from AES,DES,MD5,….. and provide the key, a chipper text will be formed that can be sent via any communication application and end user can decrypt the text by selecting the same algorithm type and must enter the same sender secret key. User can use our application and can enter the plain text and must select the algorithm type and must enter the secret key to encrypt the message and receiver can decrypt the message by specifying the same algorithm used for encryption and must use the same secret key used by sender. Intruder will find difficult to decrypt the message. By using this method you can double ensure that your secret message is sent securely without outside interference of hackers or crackers. If sender sends this image in public others will not know what is it, and it will be received by receiver. You will need the key and algorithm type to decrypt the hidden text.

  • Fast and easy way of to send secure stuff.
  • Easy process to encrypt text.
  • Highly secure as type of algorithm and secret key is required while encryption and decryption.
  • Password have to be shared which can be hacked and used.
  • Only small length of text can be sent like hardly 2-3 lines.
  • Requires active internet connection.

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