Retail Store Inventory & POS Checkout App using QR Code

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Nevon Retail Store Inventory & POS  Checkout App
nevon software

Retail management aims at helping the customers get the necessary item or products from the retail stores without any difficulty and in the least possible time. Nowadays people are preferring e-shopping or e-cart system, as adding to a cart is much easier & convenient than carrying a cart. Hence, many retail businesses are switching towards implementing these customer-friendly methods. The android application proposed here will act as a virtual cart to the customers.

The customers will need to scan the required items from this application & the items will be added to his/her cart. Once, all the required items have been added to the cart, the customer will then have to go to the payment counter where the counter person will scan the QR code from the customer’s app and will proceed with the payment & checkout activities.

The customers can add/remove items at any time before making the payment. This android based retail management application will help in saving the customers time & will reduce the efforts of them carrying a cart thus, providing a user-friendly experience.

This system is basically a Digital or virtual way of Shopping, where the user just has to scan the items from his app and go to counter to collect it. The Admin manages all the counters and products. Admin can update the inventory of each product or view their sales report. The sales report can be viewed based on filters and is shown graphically with a bar chart.

The Counter person can scan the QR code which is in the Users app and check his basket and proceed with the payment, if the user has not made the payment. The User can scan all the products and it will be added to his basket, he can quickly go his basket and decide whether he needs to proceed to checkout or remove/add items. The payment of the order can either be done from the user’s app or via cash payment at the counter.


  • The Products has to be scanned, no need of physically moving with all the Items.
  • Payment can be done from the User app directly for Security.
  • The Items are shown in the Realtime.


  • Wrong inputs will affect the project outputs.
  • Internet Connection is mandatory

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