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Nevon Gym Workout Trainer & Progress Tracker App
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Taking out some time from your busy schedule to attend a gym daily for a workout seems difficult for working professionals & college students due to workload & studies. As a result of which many people prefer doing exercises or gym workouts at their home itself. However, a gym workout or exercise done without following the right procedure or positions and done without the proper guidance of a trainer can damage your muscles. Also, hiring a personal trainer may not fit everyone’s budget.

So, to tackle this issue we have developed an android based GYM Buddy application that will act as a virtual trainer. This application will guide the users on various body exercises with step-by-step positions with images. The users can keep a track of the data of day-to-day exercises. The Gym Buddy application contains a list of all exercises based on different types & categories (i.e., workout for Abs, Chest, Biceps, etc.).

The users can also keep a track of how much sets or weights they used in one particular workout so that they can increase or decrease its capacity accordingly. Thus, this android-based gym workout application will act as a virtual guide to the users & will provide a user-friendly gym experience.

In this system, the user will be able to view all kinds of exercises based on type or category. Each Workout or exercise is well explained in details along with 2 photos showing the start and end pose, so that user can check his posture like in the photo and can imitate it properly. User can enter weight or set based on current date and can add multiple entries for each date. All the exercise data has to be directly added in the code, there are no modules to manage them and backend used is SQLite.


  • No need to create an account just proceed with a name.
  • All the exercises have a photo involved so that user can imitate the posture properly.
  • Date wise progress tracker.


  • Wrong inputs will affect the app outputs.
  • Phone dependent app.
  • Single User app.

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