Remote Java 2 Dotnet Communication Application

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Java and dot net are two different but very useful technology when it comes to information technology. Both of them have different development platforms. Well for a study and integration of two major technologies together we propose a client server based communication application made by integrating JAVA with dotnet technology. Here we propose a dedicated client server based architecture that allows for chat as well as authoritative commands by the server over client application. We integrate the two technology and have a working communication between these two technologies. We here propose to build the server application using JAVA and the client side application using Dotnet(C#) technology. Our system consists of the server as an authorities admin and client as a client application in Dotnet. The server has the right to start chat, enable disable client application as well as record the client pc screen as and when needed. Thus we integrate two major technologies in a live internet based client server application for robust live internet based communication.

  • It gives a great cross platform connectivity which can be further developed and used at various places.
  • Main Advantage of this System is that users will not know that they are being checked.
  • Both PCs should be connected to internet while using this system.
  • Load or Process time increase due to use of this system.

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