Internet Based Live Courier Tracking And Delivery System

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Courier service providers usually have a very large network across countries. A courier goes through several places including distribution center, aeroplane, ship, road transport etc. At this time even customer is conscious about where has his package reached. The customer can track his courier through a login where he may enter this courier number and track the location status of his package. Here we propose a dedicated courier tracking system where customer may check the status and location of his courier. Here every distribution channel including centre, airport terminal, rail, road terminal has a system operated by authorized people of that particular point of distribution. Each point of distribution has its login access. On login the person needs to make an entry of a package that reaches it. This data is directly uploaded the main system that now keeps track of latest location/status of the package through an active internet connection. The data stored on server can now be used for live package status tracking by customers. Customers may login to the server in order to enter their unique courier tracking number. On entering the number system first gets the last recorded status of that particular package and shows this data to the user. The user may now track his package as and when needed. The system can be further improved by adding a barcode to every package so that every point just needs to scan the barcode instead of doing a manual entry of package number.

  • Receiver can track his courier or ordered goods.
  • This system can be used in several different domains for tracking goods sent by someone.
  • It even helps the authority to keep an eye on sent goods.
  • Authority at every point has to manually enter the location of the goods.
  • User does not get the exact location of its order.

Note: The barcode scanner is not provided with this project. It is available locally in electronics shops. Please contact nevonprojects support team on details of barcode scanner.

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