Predicting House Prices Using Linear Regression

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Investment is a business activity on which most people are interested in this globalization era. There are several objects that are often used for investment, for example, gold, stocks and property. In particular, property investment has increased significantly. Housing price trends are not only the concern of buyers and sellers, but it also indicates the current economic situation. There are many factors which has impact on house prices, such as numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms. Even the nearby location, a location with a great accessibility to highways, expressways, schools, shopping malls and local employment opportunities contributes to the rise in house price. Manual house predication becomes difficult, hence there are many systems developed for house price prediction. Nevon Projects has proposed an advanced house prediction system using linear regression. This system aim is to make a model which can give us a good house pricing prediction based on other variables. We are going to use Linear Regression for this dataset and hence it gives a good accuracy. This house price prediction project has two modules namely, Admin and User. Admin can add location and view the location. Admin has authority to add density on the basis of per unit area. User can view the location and see the predicted housing price for the particular location.

  • Saves time.
  • Easy to access the system from anywhere and anytime.
  • Requires an active internet connection.

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