Graphical Password Authentication System by Using Pass Point Scheme

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Authentication is the first line of defence against compromising confidentiality and integrity. Alphanumerical usernames and passwords are the most common method of computer authentication. This method has many drawbacks. Usually people use passwords that can be easily guessed, so that it does not becomes hard to remember. Hence to encounter this problem, researches have developed graphical password authentication methods that use pictures as passwords. Graphical passwords are an alternative to text-based passwords where user is asked to recall an image or parts of an image instead of a word. We are further discussing new and more secure graphical password system called pass points. In pass points system users can create many points click sequence on a background image. The graphical password is new technique which is more secure than text-based passwords. In graphical passwords, sequence of clicks is generated to derive the password. The click events are performed on same image or different image. Or users can also select sequence of images. In this system there are four main modules namely, Image submission, Image Password Point Mark, Pixel Tolerance Calculation and Authentication. Users can submit image then he/she can click on the image to create a password then the system pixel tolerance calculates each pixel around. And then while authenticating user needs to click within the tolerances in the correct sequences.

  • The system is user-friendly and has simple interface.
  • Provides strong security against bot attacks or hackers.
  • Protects systems vulnerable to attacks.
  • The only disadvantage is if users forget the password, it cannot be retrieved.

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