Personal diary for Visually Impaired with Microsoft Cognitive Services

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Nevon Personal diary for Visually Impaired
nevon software

This Personal diary project in android will help visually impaired to maintain and create their contacts and personal records. It works as voice assistance for disable person. This personal diary management system helps disabled persons to access important features and also helps to maintain their important records. This system makes use of different custom layouts and speech to text. This app for visually impaired has custom messaging feature with inbox and sent items, call log and dialer, people’s information along with battery level checker. When a visually impaired person performs some activities, the framework encourages the person to know his/her current position.

This framework helps handicapped individuals to peruse and compose the substance of the message alongside the sender with the date and time. The System speaks out the dialer number pressed and called notification also, it will also help to search things and maintains record of people by clicking their pictures. Basically, it is voice assistant for any actions performed by the user through a custom application while taking the data from the default application.


  • It will help blind people to use important applications in mobile
  • It will be easy to feed data and set reminder

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