eBug Tracker – Bug Tracking System Project

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This defect tracking system helps to track bug. There are three modules in this tracking system, Administrator, Staff and Customer. The Administrator can login to the app and can enter the details of staff, project, view bugs send from the customers. The admin can also also assign work to staffs, view bug case flow status details, send messages to customers using this bug tracking application. The staff can login to the site using username and password. Then he/she can view the bugs assigned to them. He can directly give solution message to customers or he/she can assign the bugs to other staffs if the bug is related to them. The user may view bug case flow details with which he/she is involved. The customer registers in to the applications and login to the site using username and password. Whenever a bug is raised from his software, he sends the bug details to the administrator with print screen of the bug generated. He/she may see the bug case flow details and bug status along with remedy details at any time using the ticket number generated during new bug entry. This is how bug tracking can be done with this application.

  • Bugs can be solved easily
  • Can be shared to the upper department on just sending bug ticket
  • It works only on internet

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