Person Identification Based On Teeth Recognition

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Teeth recognition system had been proposed to identify a person. MATLAB is used to implement this system. We used database of teeth images. Person’s teeth image is compared with the teeth images in the dataset. We here proposed image processing methods to recognize the teeth image. As images are more suspected to noise we used many preprocessing steps to remove noise. Teeth image values are extracted and stored in database. User will input the query image. Query image values are compared with teeth image values already extracted and stored in database. System will identify a person based on teeth image values. Here in this system we had used image processing methodology and filtering techniques to get accurate result. An effective algorithm is implemented to recognize the teeth image against the image database by specifying the threshold value. Similarity criterion is used to identify a person. Database consists of photographic images with subjects. The person’s teeth image have been matched against the database of teeth images.

  • System finds out similar images which has similar query image feature value.
  • System will provide result with maximum accuracy.

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