Online Resume Builder

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It is an application that simplifies the task of creating a resume for individuals. The system is flexible to be used and reduces the need of thinking and designing an appropriate resume according to qualifications. The system is developed to provide an easy means for creating a professional looking resume. Individuals just have to fill up a form that specifies questions from all required fields such as personal questions, educational, qualities, interest, skills and so on. The answers provided by the users are stored and the system automatically generates a well structured resume. Users have option to create resume in any format and file.

  • Provides instant resume to individuals.
  • There are choices available for resume format for users as per their qualification and requirements.
  • Reduces tedious work in thinking and creating resume and is convenient for users.
  • Provides quick access and is affordable.
  • The system saves time and reduces human efforts.
  • It requires internet connection.
  • Sometime user wants customized resume that is not possible in the system.

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