Auto Vehicle Resale Project

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An auto resale project is a web based application developed for users to post their ads for vehicle resale. This system overcomes the problem of searching for a second hand vehicle. People usually go to garages and showrooms in search for their desired second hand vehicle that they wish to buy that becomes tedious at a point and even consumes lot of time. Hence the project helps users to get their desired vehicle details online at a single place.
The project is categorized into various categories for each type of vehicle like bus, car, truck, scooters and so on where sellers can post their second hand vehicle ads for sale in respective category. Users can view and browse through these categories and request for their desired vehicle by selecting the vehicle. The request is sent to admin who then contacts and informs the respective seller for the request made. The system provides an additional feature of vehicle insurance for users to avail it. Seller can easily sell their old vehicles in profitable amount using this application. Buyer can view various vehicles online in a effective graphical user interface. Buyer can view various vehicle in pictorial format as well as they can view specification about the vehicle. Buyer can buy second hand vehicle in good condition as well as in affordable amount. This application is useful for both seller and buyer.User can search for vehicle by category. User can view various vehicle by specifying the type of vehicle which will be displayed by the system.This system works as an advertisement for the seller.Buyer does’nt have to visit shop to purchase vehicle he just have to use this application and have to send request for his desired vehicle. This system saves time and effort of both seller and buyer.

  • It saves user time that is wasted in search of required second hand vehicles.
  • User can find the various vehicles information along with images at a single place.
  • This system is effective and saves time, efforts and cost of users.
  • Sellers can also easily find a buyer for their vehicle easily by posting ads.
  • Easy registration.
  • The user cannot view the vehicle in person.
  • No human interaction.
  • If poor quality photographs are uploaded, system proves inefficient..

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