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Be it browsing through the seemingly endless pages of terms and conditions on an important official document or kicking back and flipping through an intriguing eBook- reading is quite an undeniable and inescapable part of our everyday lives.

However, reading anything demands our complete undivided attention making it nearly impossible for us to multitask. Moreover, staring at a screen for long periods also strains our eyes. This PDF to Text Converter and Translator developed using Python can instantly and accurately convert any PDF text into audio.

Along with reading any PDF document out loud, this application can also translate and vocalize any text into up to five languages. Moreover, this system can also benefit visually impaired individuals and people with learning disabilities such as dyslexia.

This project has a user page that first lets you sign up and thereafter one can log in and one has to send in a pdf file containing text.
The text is read by the function “PyPDF2.PdfFileReader” and it is converted to byte form. The text is then extracted using the function “text.extractText()”. The library googletrans is used to convert the text written in a particular language into the audio form of a particular language.

We have several options in languages, such as English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, etc. Using the function “gTTS” we can hear the audio.


  • Very efficient
  • People from different regions can use this
  • Saves time


  • Wrong inputs will affect the project outputs.

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