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Online court room is a project implemented for conducting the trials of court online via chatting. Usually Indian court system takes long time to resolve a case as it requires many hearings. Both the parties, their respective counselor and the judiciary have to be present every day before court for the hearings. This becomes a little hectic for them and sometimes very annoying. Hence this project overcomes the issue of travelling and the hearings can be conducted over the internet. The judge, court reporter, both parties and their respective lawyers and witnesses are connected via Internet and the process can be carried out smoothly. The evidences can be produced to the judge by sending attachments. Any number of people can be connected into the chat conference. Also there is an online notepad provided where the reporter can record all the proceedings. Thus this project would saves time and resources.

This online system is developed on .net platform and supported by a Sql database to store user specific details.


  • User and admin account: It has two accounts, member login and admin login. Judge is the admin and all others will be the members. Admin has the control of approving or disapproving the connection request.
  • User registration: User must first register them on the system.
  • Chat process: Chat function is available so that members can also express their views in chat.
  • Online Notepad: For recording the court proceedings and decisions the judge and the reporter are provided with this facility.
  • IPC directory: There is a category available where all the laws under IPC are recorded so that the members can refer to it.

  • The proceedings are conducted online via chat so no need for the people to visit the court.
  • It happens when people or judge are situated far away from one another, then this system is very useful for carrying out hearings.
  • Hearings involving different countries can also be conducted without actually visiting.
  • Online notepad offers the advantage of recording the decisions made.
  • It saves time and cost.
  • It cannot be used in places where there is lack of internet connection.

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