Bank Account Simulation

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Now-a-days people are so busy in their work that they hardly take out time to visit their local banks for transactions. Fortunately, thanks to technology to offer convenient methods of making transaction online. This project Bank Account Simulation is a new self service banking approach of carrying out your manually transactions automatically with the help of Internet.The system is an interactive bank website where customers can create and manage their account. While creating account, the customer has to first get himself approved by the admin through online. After getting access he may use the online banking services like depositing money via credit card, transferring funds, online payment and so on. Customers can log on into the system anytime and utilize the various services.


  • Admin login and admin dashboard: It has admin login who is has the authority of the system and he is responsible for approving and disapproving the customers for creating account. Admin can add and delete notifications and updates in the system.
  • User Registration: There is user registration form available where new users can create their account by providing required information to the system.
  • Online User Login: After getting approved by the admin the user gains access to the system and can start utilizing the services anytime in a day.
  • Account Summary: The system generates full report of till date transactions for the user on a single click.
  • Transfer funds: User can transfer money from one account to another like moving money to saving account to current account or to family member’s account.
  • Sign up for alerts: The bank sends or informs the user by sending an alert as well as notification email whenever any kind of activity is carried out in their account.
  • Learn about bank fees: The system also provides information regarding the terms and condition of the bank. Thus user may learn about kinds of fees that bank charges as a penalty.
  • Information about ATMs: The system also contains information about the ATM process for the users to utilize their ATM services too.

  • No need for customers to go to bank for making transactions.
  • The system provides an instant summary of the account details whenever required.
  • The system is secure in making payments.
  • User gets an email for every transaction made hence it keeps them updated.
  • User can learn about bank and their policies via website without going and enquiring in the bank.
  • The system is convenient and secure for the users.
  • It saves their time and efforts.
  • The system do not check for the user identity hence he must have to first get himself approved from the bank.
  • There is no human interaction.

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