On Demand Remote PC Monitoring system Through Internet

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We usually come across areas where an admin or department / company head needs to monitor user work. This monitoring helps the authority know about any mal activity or any activity not supposed to be done in office premises is done by the employee. Remote pc monitoring needs a working internet connection that too having a high bandwidth. Well such system when monitoring on a large number of PC’s proves to have a quite reasonable load on the network. Since the system works by sending constant image snapshots of computer screen to intended authority these constant image transfers from a number of computers proves to be quite an unethical practice. So we propose an On Demand Remote PC monitoring system that monitors a PC on authority demand. The system is designed to get a snapshot of a PC’s as and when requested by admin. Moreover since online image transfers are quite heavy on the particular network we use an email server to transfer images. Whenever the server sends a monitoring request the client pc screen is captured and transferred to server PC as a snapshot attached to an email. This allows the snapshots to be viewed from anywhere irrespective of the server application installation. Our system thus accomplishes the on demand pc monitoring functionality yet has almost no load on the usable internet bandwidth. The system uses http requests to constantly track and snapshot responses from server. On receiving the request it checks weather it is a request for the same PC. If it is for the same PC and authentic the system now uses the snapshot recorder to get a screen capture of the active screen. The system now sends this screenshot as an email attachment through an email server. The server authority may now receive the snapshot through email and access the emails from any place.

  • Admin can check that authorized person is doing assigned work on the System.
  • Admin can get this on just a click anywhere over the world.
  • Allows to monitor multiple systems at a single time.
  • Each System should have Web-Cam and internet Connectivity.
  • Employee, worker privacy issue arises.

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