Network Based Stock Price System

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We usually come across systems that require a web server to constantly track price updates. Many applications such as stock market client applications need to interact continuously with their server in order to update those prices from time to time. The system not just needs to update the price, it has to perform this task with accuracy and speed. Since stock prices keep changing every moment, it becomes to have a good communication between server and client applications. We here propose an http based class for client server communication for stock price updation. The system tends to provide a robust stock price updation system. The client system uses constant refresh functions to update the stock price every second.

The system works as follows:

  • Server allows user to update stock price as and when needed or random simulator may be used.
  • Next the client application now needs to constantly connect to server for updates.
  • The client application uses http requests the server for parameter changes every second.
  • The server returns http response parameters with updated values as soon as an update occurs.
  • Now the client system constantly refreshes it’s screen in order to update the new values.
  • The client algorithm constantly compares retrieved value with previous one.
  • Updations found are reflected at client application.

  • Rate gets updated in mile-seconds.
  • User can view their stock’s rate and make quick decision.
  • User has to be connected to internet constantly.

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