NGO Management System using Blockchain

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Nevon Property Registration Management System using Blockchain
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NGOs or Non-Governmental Organization is an organization that operates independently of any organization. NGOs are typically non-profit organisations and many of them are funded by donations from members, private institutions, general public etc. Maintaining transparency with respect to how the donations are spent greatly increases the confidence of donors and also improves the credibility of an NGO. Thereby, helping to improve their reach in the long term.

Using conventional paper-based methods for managing the funds of an NGO increases the risk for embezzlement and fraud. Developed using Asp.Net, this NGO Management System uses blockchain so that both the donors as well as the organization can be rest assured that no malpractice is being conducted with the donations.

This system consists of three entities; The Admin, The User, and The NGO. NGOs can use this system to view the list of donations received. The organization can then add their expenditures and view the history of all their transactions. The NGO can also check the data to verify whether there any signs of tampering.

Meanwhile, the user can choose the NGO of their preference and make a donation to them through this system. The user will be able to see the list of transactions to ensure that their money is utilized in a rightful manner. Users can also check the data for any signs of manipulation. To maintain security within the system, the Admin has been given the sole right to add NGOs. Admin can also check whether any data has been tampered with or manipulated.

In this system, the admin adds the NGO and can monitor their donation and expenditure history. The Ngo can keep a track of their expenditures and donations received. User can also get insights over where their donations are being used. And mainly all 3 can monitor for manipulations in data. So, if any user tries to tamper any information outside by system, all 3 will come to know about it.


  • All 3 users can track for manipulations.
  • User is allowed to also check where his donation is being used.