EV Charging Station Finder and Slot Booking Flutter

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Nevon EV Charging Station Finder and Slot Booking Flutter
nevon software

In the recent decade we have witnessed monumental advancements in electric vehicles and the charging technology. Along with helping cut down on emissions, electric vehicles also have a better power delivery and prove to be far more efficient as they are able to employ regenerative braking to recharge their batteries while on the move.

Despite their many advantages, electric vehicles still fall short when it comes to aspects such as finding charging stations. Unlike people driving conventional cars, EV owners can’t have their vehicles refueled at any fuel station. Drivers with electric cars have to keep their car charged well in advance before departing.
The need for developing infrastructure such as charging stations is undeniable.

Developed using Flutter, this EV Charging Station app has been developed to help EV drivers locate available charging stations near them. After locating a charging station, users can also book a slot at the station to charge their vehicle. EV owners can also use this system to plan their trips more efficiently. Users simply need to specify the source and destination. Based on these two parameters, this system prepares a roadmap with all available charging stations along the journey.

In this system, the User is able to manage All his EVs inside the app plus he has search/book a slot in advance in the charging station. The User can also search an EV station based on nearby, city or kilometers. The System also provides a Roadmap if you enter source & destination with the charging stations on the way according to the kilometers entered.
Admin will manage all the stations and slots.


  • Finding Charging stations is easy with multiple Filters.
  • Roadmap is provided in the system
  • Charging slot can be booked in advance.