Loyalty Points Exchange System using Blockchain

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Nevon Property Registration Management System using Blockchain
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Loyalty program is a kind of marketing strategy employed by a company to encourage their customers to keep returning and continue making repeat purchases. However, often customers tend to lose track of the loyalty points that they have amassed thus causing them to forget to redeem their points. Developed using Asp.Net, this Loyalty Points Exchange System consists of a single entity i.e., the user.
This System allows users to store and keep track of all the loyalty points that they have collected. Besides, helping them keep track of their points, this system also allows users to transfer their points to other users. Another significant advantage offered by this system is that it allows the users to transfer their loyalty rewards to their bank accounts.

The data of loyalty points is maintained using blockchain thus improving security within the system. The user can also check the blocks to ensure no tampering has been done.In this system, the Loyalty exchange points are enjoyed and is been used by almost every other brand to make their pitch attractive and bring consumers closer.

User can pay and redeem points. These points can be transferred to bank or any other user. All the transaction history can be monitored, also none of the transaction can be removed by any means because the blockchain cannot be tampered, one missed data in transaction details can be identified and shown to user if any.


  • User can transfer the points to bank or transfer to any other user.
  • Points cannot be tampered.