Multi Coverage Broadcast – An improved broadcast algorithm for mobile newtorks

Due to the high intensity of radio communications and large coverage areas in mobile networks there is a large amount of error rate in these communications. These communications are prone to an imminent problem known as broad storms if not designed and handled with appropriate care. Maintaining the required high delivery rate for network packets while also avoiding redundancy and errors in such broadcasts is a challenging situation to manage these days. This software project puts forward an improved broadcast algorithm known as multi coverage broadcast that addresses broadcast redundancy issues for improving the delivery rate in the broadcast that leads to various errors. Among the first hop neighbors of the message transmitter node, just some of the selected nodes are assigned to re transmitting the broadcast data. Here some nodes on the forward are selected in a way such that:

  • The transmitter node’s neighbors in two Hops range are appropriately covered
  • The transmitter node’s first hop neighbors are either considered as forward nodes, or they are covered by at least two other forward nodes.

The return transmissions from the forward nodes are collected again by the transmitter node as a confirmation of their getting the packet.

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