Detecting Edges Using IP(Image processing)

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Here we proposed a system where license plate edge is detected. We used image processing and computer vision methodology to detect edge of the license plate. We used image preprocessing steps for accurate result. Image enhancement, recognition, restoration and compression steps are used in this project to detect edge of the license plate. Before image preprocessing steps, RGB image is converted to gray scale image and image is resized keeping aspect ratio same. Morphological processing is used which helps to detect text more accurately. Image is converted to double. Edge detection method is used to detect edges and image intensity level is increased. Objects which have gaps are filled. After Edge detection , image might contain many horizontal and vertical lines. These lines should be removed from image which helps to extract only text from image. After applying these image preprocessing steps, image is left with few smaller unwanted objects. These unwanted objects are removed. After applying image preprocessing steps, we apply edge detection function on processed image. There are many inbuilt edge detection method we used one of the edge detection function to detect the edge of license plate. The edges of image are considered to be the most important attributes of image that provide valuable information for human image perception. As the data of edge detection is very large, therefore the speed of image processing becomes a difficult problem. Finally detected edge of the name plate is displayed.

  • Edge detection function will detect license plate edge more accurately
  • Used many image pre-processing steps to remove noise and unwanted objects.
  • Works more accurately only on license plate image

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