Mobile Wallet With Merchant Payment Using Android

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QR Based Merchant Payment using android as the name states is used for QR code scanning for the transactions between a consumer and a merchant go Cashless. There are 2 Android Applications one for the Merchant where the merchant app scans the QR code and the other for the consumer which generates the QR Code. The Front End used is Android Studio and Bank End used is SQL Server. This System deals with the liquid cash transactions between a merchant and consumer enhancing the reliability and the quick monitory transactions on both the ends. This System works in a different fashion when the Merchant scans the QR code from the consumers app the amount is transferred into the merchant’s wallet and he can transfer the amount to his bank account at his ease. The consumer has to load his wallet using his debit or credit card and he can also save his card details for future use. This System generates a unique QR Code Id to verify whether the Merchant or the data has not been tampered after the QR code is generated. All the passwords are encrypted using AES Encryption Algorithm. The Merchant is allowed to change his bank and personal details as well.

  • The consumer can shop cashless.
  • The Password is protected using AES encryption.
  • A unique QR Code Id is generated each time the QR code is generated to keep is safe from tampering the data.
  • The Amount goes to the merchant’s wallet then his bank account.
  • The consumer can save the card details for future transactions.
  • This System is very quicker and reliable.
  • The Merchant and the Consumer both have to login into the system to make use of the app keeping it secure.
  • It requires an active internet connection.
  • The Amount doesn’t go to the merchant’s bank account directly.
  • The User and Merchant cannot make use of their wallets other then send to each other.

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