Implementing Triple DES With OTP

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Triple DES is advantageous because it has a significantly sized key length, which is longer than most key lengths affiliated with other encryption modes. It derives from single DES but the technique is used in triplicate and involves three sub keys and key padding when necessary, such as instances where the keys must be increased to 64 bits in length. Known for its compatibility and flexibility, software can easily be converted for Triple DES inclusion. Triple DES encrypts input data three times. The three keys are referred to as k1, k2 and k3. Thus due to the use of 3 key ,triple DES is more secure and is sometimes preferred over the normal DES. The system combines this with the OTP which will also be encrypted using triple DES. Thus this OTP adds a extra level of security. Now the bank transactions can be done securely without worrying about attacker getting access to the database as the data will be in encrypted form.

  • Thus the system ensures security for the users data stored in the database.
  • The system also adds a level of security by adding OTP.

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