Library Management System with SMS Autoreply

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This Library Management System can be used to maintain records of user details like registering books, checking balance penalty amount etc. This system not only works from admin side but also from user side. User can also check his/her own details and get the notification for balance amount of penalty, books returning date, can also check available books. This application also works by SMS. Users can directly send SMS to a particular phone no. with some predefined text and value. And he/she will get reply via SMS. He will be getting all kind of information via SMS, if someone wants the information only through SMS then the application is not required to be installed. In this application there are three modules namely, Admin, User and SMS User. Admin can register user details and provide him/her a login id and password, can also manage user search and renew activities, he/she can add books as well and can view the due dates and penalty amount. Users get login id and password, he/she can view his personal details, check for desire books and get update of due dates, issue date of books and penalty amount to be paid. Through SMS user can send text message on dedicated number and he/she can get information about books, penalty, due date, issue date etc. alert via SMS.

  • User can check for books without visiting library.
  • They can get reminders on their phone.
  • For SMS Autoreply users don’t need active internet connection.
  • SMS users need sufficient amount balance in the phone.

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