Intelligent Tourist Guide

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Nowadays people use mobile phones and other mobile devices. Most of us have a small computing device that is always with us. People use it example for calling, as calendar and organizer. Mobile devices with GPS receiver are also used to find paths in navigation. The main idea of this thesis was to design a system that will run on most of phones and palms and will be helpful when visiting some new places and cities. This system should be able to find a route using user criteria. Those criteria should be simple and natural, like for example: a list of museums, the most famous historical objects, restaurants to visit, constraints to travel by bus and by walking. The system should find a path that fulfills those criteria, show it on screen, show names of objects, some short descriptions and photos of them and possible entrance costs. It should also be able to estimate time needed to travel from one object to the next and if it is possible, advise which bus line or other public means of transport may be used. It should be helpful for people that want to visit a city without having much information about it. Paths that are output of this system are only a proposition for trip.

  • Registered user gets the recommendation of the places of their preferences.
  • They can find the places using this system.
  • User can easily view the place on map with its description, image and address.
  • The system also provides one food place in the results.
  • System GUI is easy to use.
  • User cannot book a tour package using this system.
  • It may provide inaccurate results if data entered incorrectly.

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