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Nevon Plasma Donor Android App
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Although the government is carrying out Covid vaccination campaigns on a large scale, the number of vaccines produced is not enough for all the population to get vaccinated at present. And with the corona positive cases rising every day, saving lives has become the prime matter of concern. As per the data provided by WHO more than 3 million people have died due to the coronavirus ( However, apart from vaccination, there is another scientific method by which a covid infected person can be treated and the death risk can be reduced.

This plasma therapy is an experimental approach to treat corona-positive patients and help them recover. This plasma therapy is considered to be safe & promising. A person who has recovered from Covid can donate his/her plasma to a person who is infected with the coronavirus.

This system proposed here aims at connecting the donors & the patients by an online application. By using this application, the users can either raise a request for plasma donation or requirement.

This system is used if anyone needs a Plasma Donor. This system comprises of Admin and User where both can request for a Plasma. In this system there is something called an active user, which means the user is an Active member of the App and has recovered from Covid 19, only such people are recommended here for Plasma Donation. Both parties can Accept or Reject the request. User has to Upload a Covid Negative report to be able to Donate Plasma.

  • It is a user-friendly application.
  • It will help people to find plasma easily.
  • It cannot auto verify user genuineness.
  • It requires an active internet connection.

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