Instant Plasma Donor Recipient Connector Android App

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The world is suffering from COVID 19 crisis, and we haven’t found any vaccine yet. But there is another scientific way from which we can help to lower the death ratio or help the COVID 19 affected person. With no approved antiviral treatment plan for the deadly COVID-19 infection, plasma therapy is an experimental approach to treat COVID positive patients and help them recover faster. The therapy, considered to be safe and promising. If a particular person is fully recovered from COVID 19, he/she is applicable to donate their plasm. This application will help the user to find a plasma donor or to donate plasma to help others to recover. In this application, there are two major modules namely, Admin and User. Admin can login using credentials and view active users. Admin can also raise a request for plasma donation to the valid user. Admin also has the authority to accept or reject donor requests on the basis of their reports. Users can register and login, they can raise requests for plasma donation and provide their valid medical report of been successfully recovered from COVID 19. Users can also raise requests for plasma in emergencies.

  • It is a user-friendly application.
  • It will help people to find plasma easily.
  • It cannot auto verify user genuineness.
  • It requires an active internet connection.