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Nevon Covid Contact Tracing Android App
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Even with the vaccination campaigns being carried out largely, the Covid cases are still increasing & the death toll is rising every day. As per the data provided by WHO more than 3 million people have died due to the coronavirus since its very beginning ( Although many countries are working towards breaking this chain of covid spread by imposing strict lockdowns & restrictions, the actual effective measure to break this chain will be to track down the contacts made by the virus carriers.

It is very difficult to detect & identify a Covid infected person initially as the person will not show any symptoms and by the time it gets detected, the carrier would have already made contact with many people, who in turn would have contacted another hundred. Hence it is very important to detect & identify the contacts made by the virus carrier at the very beginning to break this chain.

This application proposed here aims at automating the process of contact tracing by using Bluetooth & GPS tracking. Once a person is detected positive, this app will trace the infected person’s movements to find out the people with whom they might have made a contact & notify them about the risk of getting infected so they can self-isolate themselves. Thus, this application can help us to break the chain of COVID-19 spread. This application will also guide the users to take a self-assessment test & will indicate the risk level status accordingly.

This system is used for Contact Tracing and notifying people with Users around them. This system uses Bluetooth as well as GPS to monitor users and notify if there are any covid positive people around them. The User has to take a self-assessment test which will help him to know his current situation, all these questions are added by the admin. The result of this test will inform the User whether he is safe or need medical assistant. Admin & User both can upload their Covid Certificates. If any user turns covid positive, then the system checks for 2 days footprints and notifies all the people who were around him about it.
The Admin can manage Affected areas which the user can take the benefits and avoid those areas.

  • It will prove very useful in stopping the spread of infection
  • It is user friendly application.
  • This can also be used in future pandemics.
  • Bluetooth has to be turn on always.
  • It requires internet connection.

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