Covid Contact Tracing Android Application

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As the world fight against the COVID-19 pandemic continues, much of the world is pinning its hopes of easing lockdowns on being able to quickly identify people who might have been exposed to the virus. But such contact tracing is generally a laborious, slow process that relies on in-person interviews and detective work. This application aims to automate the process of retracing a person’s movements to find people they might have infected and possibly notify those people at the earliest possible stage. In this application, there are two major modules namely, Admin and User. Admin can login and view the user’s list. If the user has tested positive, the admin can mark the user positively. Once the positive patient recovers the admin can mark negative. Admin can also view and raise the alert to the people who came in contact with the patient. Users can register and login using credentials. After login into the application, it will ask the user to turn on the Bluetooth. Then the user can take a self-assessment test. The user will also get the risk level status. The user can see recent contact through Bluetooth proximity and determine the number of positive people, they came in contact with. With Bluetooth we are making use of GPS also for contact tracing and showing affected areas on Maps. GPS will help to trace Footprint and give alerts if a user was in a vicinity 1 or 2 days ago and is covid positive now, we can send alerts to them too.

  • It will prove very useful in stopping the spread of infection
  • It is user friendly application.
  • This can also be used in future pandemics.
  • Bluetooth has to be turn on always.
  • It requires internet connection.