Indoor Navigation System App using Flutter

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Indoor navigation apps help individuals and businesses in a number of ways and allow users to navigate quickly in fully crowded and large spaces and buildings. These apps are very useful for visitors as they do not require asking people, everything becomes smart with these apps and they can reach their destinations quickly without any difficulties.

Our Futter-based project, Single Floor Indoor Navigation App, deals with navigation within complex buildings. This project provides users with an instant guide opening many possibilities. It makes it possible to build routes from one point to another. And also, step-by-step navigation is provided to users.

This flutter-based project comprises 2 modules, including Admin and User. The admin is entitled to add, update, view and delete buildings, rooms and paths in the system.

The user would require to register first in order to log into the system. After registering successfully, the user can log in using their credentials. To start navigating, the user would require to choose the building and two rooms they want to navigate.

It is important to remember that our project supports only single-floor navigation inside only one building. It will not navigate multiple floors between two buildings.


  • It is user-friendly.
  • The system is easy to maintain.
  • Indoor wayfinding becomes even easier with an indoor positioning system.
  • Users can easily navigate inside a building without much hassle.