Smart Time Table Generation Flutter App Using Genetic Algorithm

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The manual method of creating timetables in colleges with big student populations takes a long time and frequently results in conflicts between different classes. Additionally, some faculty frequently adjust the timetable from the previous year, but incorporating changes is still a tedious process.

To address all of these issues, we propose developing an automated system. Our Smart Time Table Generation Flutter App Using Genetic Algorithm provides a realistic timetabling approach capable of addressing both physical and soft constraints, which are particularly important when generating timetables in institutions with a large number of students. The automatic timetable scheduling allows teachers to check their timetables more easily once they have been confirmed through the system, with login ids and passwords.

This Futter-based project that is designed using a Genetic Algorithm aims to make the timetabling schedule more efficient for teachers in colleges. It consists of two major modules, namely Admin and Lecturer.

The Admin will have the access to manage classes, lecturers and courses. They can view the previously generated timetable and generate a new one. The Admin can also set the lecture timings, school timings and days.

The Lecturer would require to log into the system using a username and password. They can manage their profile along with the access to change their password if they want to. They can view the generated timetable specific to the subjects assigned to them.
In this system, Dart is used in the front end and MSSQL is used in the back end. The IDE used is Android Studio.


  • It is easy to maintain.
  • The system is user-friendly.
  • Faculty did not need to worry about time clashes.
  • Authority now does not need to perform permutation and combination
  • Authority can concentrate on other things rather than wasting their time on preparing Time-Table.