Intelligent Mobile Travel Guide Flutter App

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Nowadays there is a wide range of different mobile solutions that support travellers before, during and after the trip. The main idea is to design a system that will run on most phones and palms and will be helpful when visiting new places and cities.

Our Intelligent Mobile Travel Guide – a flutter-based project enables tourists and people shifting to new cities to locate and find amenities in that particular city without much hassle. The key principle of the developed solution is based on the aim to provide relevant tourist information based on an analysis of the current situation.

In this project, the front end involves Dart and the back end involves MSSQL. The IDE used is Android Studio.

This flutter-based system is designed with the help of Google API to guide people in navigating a new place they want to visit. The main aim of this system is to help people reach their destination efficiently. The user can select the place they want to visit and explore the amenities available around the vicinity.

For example, Restaurants, Night clubs, Shopping, Beaches, Hospitals and Police Stations. The users can also search for places manually in the search bar. The system will provide them with the list of places along with the available details. The user can experience smooth navigation through estimated distance, time and route. For real-time navigation, the user will be redirected to Google Maps App. The user can find feedback about the particular place along with the weather and news update. The user can also bookmark the place they liked.


  • Registered users can easily find places they want to visit.
  • This system can help get place recommendations.
  • Users can easily find the route to the place they want to visit.
  • Users can also get the estimated time required to travel to the desired place.
  • System GUI is easy to use.