Image Search Perfection System

This innovative software system is built to effectively search images from an image database. While most of the images are stored and searched on the basis of Alt attribute associated with them this project allows users to search images based on the image pixels and pattern. The user does not need to store images along with an alt attribute or any text to define those images. Well these images are stored independent of any associated text data to describe the image. This software system allows the user to search for an image by uploading an image to search in database and find the same or similar one based on the image itself. The software system detects pixel combinations and patterns in the target image and then compares this data to various images in database using some sophisticated algorithms. This allows the user to effectively search for a particular image or similar images to it without typing any textual data to describe the image. This software system automatically detects the target image and accordingly gets results from the image database.

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