Hospital Management System

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This is a software system that incorporates various factors needed for smooth working and management of a hospital. This hospital management system allows administrator to store and manage various products and related data. This includes the beds/normal accommodation/ICU accommodation as well as patient data. In case a new patient arrives, the administrator may check for bed availability in various hospital departments and allocate it accordingly as per the patient need. The system also stores the patient data in a well defined manner. The patient details include his name, number, address and various health parameters. The software system uses as a front end to design an interactive GUI and an Sql server to store its back end data. This back end data includes accommodation details and even related patient data for effectively managing a hospital.

  • The system automates the manual procedure of managing hospital activities.
  • Doctors can view their patients’ treatment records and details easily.
  • With the help of this system admin can easily see bed availability and immediately allot it whenever any patient arrives without manually looking for bed availability.
  • It even generates an instant bill thus eliminates the need of maintaining paper records for patient stay for each day.
  • The system is convenient and flexible to be used.
  • It saves their time, efforts, money and resources.
  • Requires large database.
  • The admin has to manually keep updating the information by entering the details in the system.

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