Human Speed Detection Project

This speed detection system is used to detect the speed of a moving person in real time. This system uses video manipulation along with a frame differentiation algorithm to capture and detect the speed of a person. The system works as follows:

  • The system captures videos with the help of a webcam or a recording device.
  • Now this video is manipulated upon.
  • A video is made up of frames. These frames are now separated.
  • A frame detection algorithm now works on these frames. The algorithm stores pixel values for each frame.
  • It then tracks the motion of the persons pixels as it moves from one side of frame to another through a set of frames.
  • Since the frames move at a constant predefined rate, the number of frames required for the person to move from one end of frame to another determines his speed using some formula.
  • Thus this system allows you to automatically detect the speed of a person using special algorithms and a simple web camera.

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