College automation project

1. Introduction
This section introduces Unity College website project. It also contains definitions, acronyms and abbreviations used through out the document. It will allow college to address potential students by showcasing their course and facilities and its current students and faculty by providing access to the various facilities provided by the college in an easy and interactive manner as well as it will help people in college and outside of it to know about news and events happening in college.
1.1 Purpose
This document specifies all functional requirements for the Unity College website project. This document will form the basis for further design and development activities on the project. The purpose of the college website is to let people know about this college, their achievements as well as to interact with potential students as well as their alumni.
1.2 Audience
The audiences for this website will be people that are currently in college, potential students, past students and any person who wants to know about college and its activities. Broadly, they will be current students, faculty, alumni, unregistered users (includes potential students).
1.3 Scope of document
This document will restrict itself to documenting all business requirements for Unity College website project. The document will also help in the design and development of the project. The document will represent flow of the application. The scope of the project is to provide a user friendly college website.

2. System Overview

2.1 Introduction

This website will have following aims:
 Help college to communicate with potential students by showcasing their facilities and their faculty.
 Help users to access website and its privileges based on their roles.
 Attract and also inspire even more candidates to apply for your college.

2.2 Scope

Project will have following major modules:
 Home Page
It will be start page for website. It will contain brief overview of News and upcoming Events in college. They can be redirected to their individual pages if more information is required by user. User can also register for events from these links.

 About Us
 History
Will give a brief history about college
 Values
Values on which institution was build and stands for it
 Principal’s View
Message from Principal of college

 Infrastructure
 Campus
Shows brief overview of campus area
 Labs
Gives an overview of labs in college
 Canteen
Shows canteen area
 Classrooms
Shows classrooms of college
 Playground
Shows playground area of college
 Library
Shows library of college

 Courses Offered
It will contain details for specific courses that are available in the college.
 BE(IT)
 BE(Computer Science)
 Extra Courses: These courses are apart from regular academics. They can be taken by student as well as faculty.

 Placement
 Jobs
This section will list upcoming companies that are going to come for recruiting in college and past companies that have came to campus and number of students placed.
 Internship
This section will list upcoming companies that will offer internship to the students as well as the past companies that came to campus and number of students placed.

 Online Library
Lists various study material that can be downloaded or viewed.

 Exam Related
 Exam Schedule
This is the schedule that faculty or administrator will update.
 Exam Results:
This section will also update results based after updates from faculty or administrator .

 Contact Us
Will give an opportunity to registered users for providing feedback such as suggestion or complaints that will be forwarded to administrator of website

* Additional Modules based on roles:
a) Add/edit/delete courses
b) Add/edit/delete events
c) Add/edit/delete news
d) Add/edit/delete jobs
e) Add/edit/delete online library
f) Add/edit/delete exam schedule and results
g) Edit his/her profile
h) Administer content from feedback and from communicate with faculty module for students

a) Sign up or renewal for extra courses
b) Communicate with faculty
c) Edit his/her profile
d) Feedback

a) Edit profile
b) Add/edit exam schedule and results
c) Feedback
d) Sign up or renewal for extra courses

4.General Secretary(from student):
a) Add/edit/delete events

2.5 Types of Users

 Administrator
Site administrator has complete control of all the activities of the website. Site admin can view as well as update jobs,events,communication,etc.
 Student
Student is a part of any of courses in college and is currently studying in the college. He/she can provide feedback or communicate with faculty and edit his/her profile.
 Unregistered User
Guest user is not a registered user. He/she can surf through the facilities of college, news, register for events. But he cannot communicate with faculty and provide feedback
 Faculty
Faculty can register for course edit his/her profile, give feedback and add/edit exam schedule and results
 General Secretary(from student)
He/she is responsible for events at the college as a part of student body. So, he can add/edit/delete events apart from getting student rights on website.

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