Hotel Reservation Android

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There are many mobile applications available which makes people’s work quicker. Here we introduce new android application where user can book rooms via Smartphone. This application allows users to book hotel rooms through android phones. Using this system user can view and check for various rooms available and simultaneously book them by making online payment via credit card. The system also provides user with additional facilities like Jacuzzi, swimming, meals and additional bed addition along with their associated charges. The system calculates the total cost on booking the services. Once the user makes the payment, system will provide online receipt to the user. User can view the room booking in an effective graphical user interface. Since room bookings will be displayed in effective graphical user interface user will get to know which rooms are booked and how many rooms are available for booking. Using this application user can select the room according to his preference. The rooms which are already will be disabled and the rooms which are available user just have to select it and then proceed to payment option. Once user makes the payment system will generate receipt and it will be sent to respective users email id and it will be reported to the admin, when user visits the hotel, he must show the receipt for the accommodation. To use this application user may require smart phone along with internet connection.

  • User can book the rooms according to his preference.
  • User can view the rooms in an effective graphical user interface.
  • User can also book Jacuzzi, swimming, meals and additional bed etc.
  • If internet connection fails, this system won’t work.

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