Festival Calendar System with Business Promotion

The project is a web based application that displays a calendar for business persons to schedule, organize and post their activities on it. The calendar displays various upcoming events and festivals along with their description. The system is provided with two logins one is for admin and the other is for businessman. Admin is the one to administer the calendar according to business needs and allow business persons to add their events or offers in the calendar so that visitors gets notified about the kinds of offers, events available for particular festival.

Businessman login facilities:

  • Can post business offer or discount offers, for instance, during diwali festival a sweet shop owner can post their discounts on sweets etc.
  • Can post their business events like 31st DJ night passes, Garba passes.
  • Can post their event management services like stage setup, catering services etc.

These postings are sent to admin’s account where admin can either approve or disapprove the requests. On being approved the event or postings are made available on the website for visitors to view all the events going to be occurred.

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