Grocery Shopping Android App

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A grocery shopping is an android application where users can purchase and order groceries online. The system is developed with a user-friendly and attractive GUI. It delivers a wide range of groceries available online. Users have to first login into the system to view the groceries and add them into their cart. They can then order it by making a secure online payment via CREDIT CARD. The system functionality of products and orders is stored on server side in a web service. The android app is for client usage. It consists of client side scripting for placing orders by connecting to the server side webservice.

  • User can purchase grocery products through his mobile phones that support android.
  • User does not have to wait in long queue and does not have to struggle with trolleys.
  • User can coolly sit at home and purchase the products according to his like.
  • This system won’t work in mobile phone that does not support android.
  • Product quality would differ from manually purchasing product in a supermarket.

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