Geographical Information System For Tourists

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Tourists visiting a new city are provided with city map pamphlets that need to be viewed by the tourists to find the fine printed locations to visit. Well it doesn’t consist of entire details of those locations or how to reach the location as well as other emergency amenities like hospitals, institutes, bus stops etc. So here we propose a geographical information system that will help tourists and people shifting to new cities to locate and find amenities in that particular city. The google and other navigation systems are internet based systems that do not work outside internet connections. Our proposed system is a GIS system that allows user to navigate through city maps, zoom into areas and also displays various amenities such as tourist places, hospitals, institutes as well as bus stops and train station. The system also provides info about these places that includes, how to reach them, description of the place along with images of the place and address contact numbers if available. Thus the proposed GIS system is a complete guide to help new comers to know about a new city and navigate the city without an internet connection.

• User may use the application and first view desired city.
• User may zoom into locations for more detailed data.
• User may view institutes, hospitals, tourist places etc in particular area.
• User may check images of a place by clicking on it.
• User may check description as well as contact and address info of the place.
• User may also view details of how to reach the place.

  • The GIS system works offline.
  • System allows to check detailed location areas.
  • The GIS system can be easily extended to add more data.
  • The system provides an unbiased result.
  • Thus the system excludes human efforts and saves time and resources.
  • Is currently designed for only one city.
  • System must be redesigned to add more places.

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