Geo Trends Classification Over Maps Android

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The developed application is android based application from which multiple users can talk or comment about the latest trends. The application allows user to talk about ongoing latest trends from irrespective of user’s location. The application has the GPS (Global Positioning System) access to tag the GPS location of user while commenting or posting about the trend on an application. The system receives these GPS coordinates and allows the admin to check the coordinates of the user through a web application. The user may comment about various trends and can specify a special keyword using hash (#) tag. For ex. #Diwali. There is a web application developed for admin where admin will get to know about the latest trend going on around the world. The system allows admin to specify a keyword which is then stored into database. Admin can also search using specified/multiple keywords from which various results will be fetched. The result contains the comment or a special keyword with user’s location. The system enables admin to view the location of the current trend on Google maps. Admin will get to know about the latest trends and also get to know which trend is currently ongoing at what location.

  • The application can be used anytime and from anywhere by the user.
  • Ease of knowing about the latest trends.
  • The system is flexible and secured to be used.
  • Requires an active internet connection.
  • Every user must have an android device for using the system.
  • Data cannot be viewed in another app or device.

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