Geo Location based Medical Emergency Service using Android

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Medical emergencies arise at anytime and anywhere. This technology can be used in order to provide healthcare services, which helps a patient to find a hospital nearest to his location and avails proper treatment on time and is deployed on a mobile device having an Android-based platform which is conveniently used and carried that works with the help of GPS system. In this location-based system, Admin will manage the doctors and check the registered patient’s details. A doctor can log in and update his own profile and can also change his/her password. A doctor will get emergencies, appointment status and also the patient details using this health information service system. The user can register and in case of an emergency user will set the location and link for the nearby doctor and raise the emergency request. The user will get the nearby location doctor list for raising emergency request, the user needs to give basic information for registration in an emergency. The user can register and login into the application, where the user can view and update his/her profile and change password. On the dashboard, the user will get various options, where the user can check for Hospitals, Ambulance, and pharmacy of their nearby location. User who wants to search doctor from their nearby location and manage appointment has to upload all their medical history reports. A user can also view the reports and health status added by the doctor.

  • User can easily get information of doctors, pharma stores and ambulance facilities of nearby location.
  • In emergency user can call for help and raise request to doctor of nearby location.
  • User don’t need to carry their files every time, history of patient can be saved in application by uploading reports.
  • This application requires active internet connection.
  • User need to put correct data or else it behaves abnormally.

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