Floating Camera Widget Android

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Android Screen Camera is a re sizable floating camera that can be accessed from anywhere in the launcher or in any window. No matter you are in the middle of a game or doing a phone call, this application is always there. To run the app, user can just tap the icon of android screen camera and the app will open up. The camera floating dialog is movable and adjustable. This app will create a multi window camera in front of any other active app. User can select front- or back-camera if available on your device. The camera can be moved all over the display (drag and drop). The app works in portrait and landscape mode. Use can resize the preview window. The camera preview window will stay always on top of your screen.

  • This application floats over any opened application.
  • Easily movable over mobile screen.
  • Application size selection for any android mobile screen.
  • Works in both portrait and landscape mode.
  • This application will stop working when default camera application is opened.

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