Android Geo Fencing App Project

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This developed project work for parents and their children’s. The parents and children’s both should have GPS based smart phones. The application is used to track the child’s location using their smartphone. To access this application, parent need to create an account by filling up basic registration details and create a login id and password. Using valid login credentials, parent can login and access the application modules.
After successful login, parent need to add their child details and also need to create a login id and password for their child in order to track their location. While registering their child name, parent need to set a geo fence around their children by selecting a point on map. Parent can also update the fence around their child. Besides geo fencing, a new user can register by selecting the application type and access a module which will be helpful in their day-to-day life. Add task is the module which allows registered users to add a task for a particular location by selecting a point on map and filling up the task description. Application will store the task and will alert the user when user reaches the task location via notification. User can perform the desired task and finish the task once the desired task is performed. Another type of module is setting boundary where user first need to register and select the type of user. Setting boundary is useful for those people such as fishermen as well as peoples who lives nearby boundary between two countries. User need to select the boundary area to get notified once he/she reaches nearby boundary. This module will notify the user whenever user reaches nearby to boundary.

  • Fisherman app can be used offline also.
  • Destination and Fisherman app includes both automatically locations and mocking it for testing.
  • Tracking is done and showed on Google maps. Geo-fencing feature can be effective to monitor the child and get to know whether the child is inside or outside the fence drawn.
  • Cannot be used offline for all the roles
  • Requires active internet connection.
  • System will provide inaccurate results if data not entered correctly.

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