Farming Stock Trading Android Application

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Farmer Trader Application is an android application developed for farmers/seller’s and retailers. This application gives support to the village farmers who want to use this facility and who want to learn how it is possible and how they can use e-farming to sell their products.
If the farmers have knowledge of computer then they can directly register in the application and sell their product otherwise, they can contact company’s computer professional who will schedule classes to teach them basics of computers and internet. They can know how they can open this site, register with it, and sell their products online etc. Farmer Trader Application is a project developed, which will help farmers from to sell their products to different cities through online system. Farmers can use this facility and can learn how it is possible and how they can use e-farming to sell their products. This application will act as unique and secure way to perform agro-marketing. The system allows farmers to sell their stock directly as a direct supplier throughout the country without any middlemen so that, farmer earns optimum rates for his stock and also the customer gets it at lowered costs. This will also eliminate the food grains mafia that stores these products in own warehouses in order to increase demand and thus rates of the products, so that it can later be sold at higher profits. The proposed system is a solution to it all.

  • This application converts whole offline manual system to online.
  • Seller (Mahila Udyog) or Farmer can sell their product online with ease.
  • Farmer/Seller will get the exact price from the buyer, which leads to good profit.
  • Retailer will get all the products at one place and can purchase a product of their choice.
  • This system reduces the search time to a great extent.
  • The system allows placing order for more than one item.
  • Active internet connection is required.
  • It may provide inaccurate results if data entered incorrectly.

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