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An employee Leave Management System is a system that allows an organization’s or institution’s employees and managers to easily apply for, track, and grant leave. Employees in many institutions are entitled to various types of leave (including sick leave, annual leave, unpaid leave, and maternity leave).

These leaves were taken and recorded in accordance with company policy. Employees must manually submit their leaves to their respective authorities. This adds to the paperwork, and keeping notices in the records becomes difficult. By using an Employee Leave Management system to automate the leave application process, users can apply for leave by providing the required date and reason, making it more efficient.

It reduces paperwork and makes record keeping easier. It also reduces the possibility of data loss. The application is designed to minimize errors when entering data. When entering invalid data, it also displays an error message. The user does not need any prior knowledge to use the system.

In this system, the employee will need to register their account using basic details. They can log in to their account using their user-id and password. The system has a friendly user interface.

The user can easily update their profile, and change the password if they want. It will display all the previous leave applications and also displays new applications that do not lapse. The user can select “From” and “To” dates, type of leave, and reason for the leave application and send it for approval.

Similarly, the manager can log in to the system. The manager can see the list of applications that are older. They can view all the new applications that do not lapse and approve or reject any pending leave application from the employee. Manager can also update their profile and change their password if they want.


  • Leave Management System provides error-free, secure, reliable and fast management.
  • The application deals with leave apply, leave grant/reject, leave balance, leave history and leave tracking with the help of notifications.
  • All authorized users will be having unique user-id.