Detecting Brain Tumors and Alzheimer’s Using Python

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Nevon Brain Tumors and Alzheimer’s Using Python
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The brain is the most important organ in our body, as it regulates the rest of our organs. Brain disorders have been recognized as the world’s second leading cause of mortality. If they are not detected early and treated appropriately. Early discovery and diagnosis of the tumor may aid and save the patient’s life.

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a kind of dementia that affects many people. It causes memory loss, cognitive decline, and other problems that make daily tasks difficult. Alzheimer’s, like other kinds of dementia, is caused by dead cells in the Procedia. Advances in technology and biology are increasing the early identification, categorization, surgical treatment, and medical care of a wide spectrum of human illnesses.

We built an intelligent method for detecting and classifying brain diseases such as tumors, Alzheimer’s disease (AD), and normal brain imaging. In addition, to improve treatment procedures and patient care, we have been trying to increase the quality and sensitivity of imaging in the early diagnosis of illnesses ranging from brain tumors to Alzheimer’s disease.

This Brain Tumor and Alzheimer’s Detection system uses CNN to assess the existence of Tumors or detect the onset of Alzheimer’s. The user needs to first select whether they need to detect a brain tumor or Alzheimer’s. Next, they must upload their brain scans along with their personal details. After the image is uploaded, this python-based system applies multiple convolutional layers.

This system uses two datasets, one for detecting Brain Tumor and the other for Alzheimer’s. The results of the assessment will only be visible to the admin. Once the admin has logged in with their credentials, they can see the patient’s details along with the results of the scan.


  • The Accuracy is very good
  • Can add any types of Brain Tumors and can train them for the system to detect