Hangman Game: Vocabulary Building Flutter App

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The importance of vocabulary in learning English cannot be overstated. Given the importance of vocabulary in learning a foreign language, mastery of this aspect should be assured and developed. The Hangman Game contributes to the strengthening of vocabulary knowledge and the enhancement of vocabulary type scenarios.

To master vocabulary, people must first comprehend the meaning of a word, and then they must be able to appropriately speak and write that term, as well as use it in context.
Our system’s purpose is to enable our society, anyone with access to a mobile phone and knowledge of English, to learn about simplified scientific information in an entertaining way while ensuring the scientific evidence’s authenticity.

In this system, the users can guess the word. This is the classic hangman game in which the user must guess the word displayed in front of them. Users can guess the word as long as the hangman picture is not finished. The game ends when the man is hanged and the word is not finished. The level raises the difficulty of the words. Every word in this game comes with a clue.

In this system, there are two modes: “Chill Mode” and “God Mode”. In chill mode, the word difficulty increases as the level increases. If the whole person is hanged then the user will lose the game and over again. But in “God Mode”, the user has to complete the level within 60 seconds. Else it will timeout and the user will lose the game.


  • Assists the user in improving their spelling
  • Application is Available Both in IOS And Android
  • Help To Relax User Mind