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Sorting algorithms are commonly used in software applications nowadays. If you start file explorer on your PC, for example, you may notice files arranged in various ways. Searching through sorted data is more efficient than searching through unsorted data.

Based on the significance of sorting algorithms, this system will assist in understanding various algorithms, beginning with work efficiency, algorithm implementation, basic ideas, sorting methods, and other aspects, and drawing conclusions in order to better select sorting algorithms.

Data Structure Sorting Algorithm Simulation System, this system is built so that it could be used to learn how most well-known sorting algorithm’s function. The aim of this system is to provide the greatest user experience possible. The demonstration software is designed to be user-friendly and simple to use.

In this system, the user will first need to select any one type of algorithm at a time which they want to sort the array from 7 types of algorithms. The type of algorithm are Insertion, Selection, Bubble, Merge, Heap, Shell and Linear Search.

The user can add unsorted values to the array for sorting. It will display the unsorted array and starts arranging the values in an array with every pass/step. Different choice of colours to understand which values are being selected. The cyan color depicts unsorted arrays, purple color depicts the element currently being sorted and teal colour depicts the sorted elements.

It makes easy to understand the process of sorting with the visualization. At every step or pass the sorting values can be heard in an audio form as well.


  • It is very simple and user friendly.
  • Using same array, we can apply any algorithm
  • Used different colours so that the user can understand which numbers are being swapped or used in a step
  • Text and audio help them to understand what is done in that particular step