Electricity online bill payment Project

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The project is a web based application where users can get instant electricity bill and pay them online via credit card. The system automates the conventional process of paying electricity bill by visiting the place.
The system would be having two logins admin and user login. Admin can view user account details and can even add or updates things in their account. Admin has to feed the system with electricity usage data into respective users account. The system then calculates the electricity bill for every user and updates the information into their account every month. User can then view their electricity bill and pay on the spot before month end. If user is incapable of paying the bill before month end, it then calculates fine for each subsequent day.

  • The system excludes the need of maintaining paper electricity bill as all the electricity bill records are managed electronically.
  • Administrator doesn’t have to keep a manual track of the users. The system automatically calculates fine
  • The system excludes manual bill calculation.
  • Users don’t have visit the office for bill payment.
  • There is no need of delivery boy for delivering bills to users place.
  • Thus, it saves human efforts and resources.
  • Users must have a reliable internet connection.
  • There is no human interaction if users have some enquiry.

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