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Efficient doctor patient portal is a managing system that helps doctors as well as the patients by providing options of booking appointments as per the convenience of both doctor and patients with the motive of medical progress. Through this system, doctors can easily manage the appointment slots online. System will make all the empty slots visibly available to the patients, which are booked by the name of any particular patient. The system makes it easy to manage various doctors and their availability on various dates and timings. Doctors maintain the medical history of the patient into their database so that every time any particular patient logs into the system, he/she can easily access their complete medical history whenever needed. In addition, it helps the doctor to refer their patient’s medical history for any further prescriptions. This allows for an automated patient doctor handling system through an online interface. The system also contains an organ donor module. This module has an option for the registration of organ donation along with an organ search option. The module design helps to fulfill the urgent organ requirements through easy/instant searches.

Modules :

  • Admin Login: The system is under supervision of admin who manages the bookings made.
  • User login/registration: Users have to first register themselves to login into the system.
  • Medical History: System allows to update and view patient medical history.
  • Doctor Search: System allows for doctor search through categories, name and location.
  • Appointment availability check: User can click on spaces to view the availability.
  • Appointment booking online for date and time: Users can book appointment for their required date and time.
  • Automatic cost calculation: The system calculates the total cost incurred for parking based on the time that user has asked for booking.
  • Booking cancellation: User may even cancel their bookings by login into the system anytime.
  • Email on appointment booking: When user is successful in appointment confirmation and ‘thank you’ email regarding the slot booked.
  • Feedback: The system has a feedback form, where user can provide feedback into the system.
  • Organ Doner Registration: User who is going to donate organ has to register himself by filling the details.
  • Organ Doner Search: User can search doner based on type of organ.

  • This system help the patient to get organ quickly whenever required.
  • Patient does not have to wait in queue to visit the doctor.
  • This system saves time of both doctor and patient.
  • Patient can view his medical history whenever required.
  • Patient does not have to carry medical prescription whenever he visits the doctor.
  • It requires an internet connection.
  • It requires large database.

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